Alexander Dugin

The Non- Materialists

By Alexander Dugin Translated by RO In our society, there is a significant oppressed, deprived of all rights, continuously humiliated ...
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Globalist Tianxia, Double Bind and Putin's Invincible Dilemma

There is a continuous continuum between the fifth and sixth columns. And of course, any liberal in power secretly sympathizes with protest groups, ...
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Moscow's role in Azerbaijan victory

Russia in the Caucasus Image © The Radical Outlook By Alexander DuginTranslated by RO After Azerbaijan regained control over Nagorno-Karabakh ...
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Geopolitics of Turkey In The Eurasian Context

By Alexander Dugin After Azerbaijan regained control over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, analysts increasingly began to notice an increase in ...
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Russia and the Idea of Sovereignty

The concept of Sovereignty and Scared Russia By Alexander Dugin Russia will not be truly sovereign until it has its ...
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Afghanistan: A Geopolitical Timeline

Grand Chess Board and Heartland Image © The Radical Outlook By Alexander Dugin The seizure of all power by the ...
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Peter Mamonov: When The Abyss Hums

Dugin's Directive Series Image © The Radical Outlook By Alexander Dugin During the pandemic, we began to lose famous people ...
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Hegel and the Platonic Leap Down

Plato and Hegel Image © The Radical Outlook By Alexander DuginTranslator Jafe Arnold  On November 14th, 1831 the greatest romantic ...
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Hybrid Warfare Ecosystems: Russia Under Attack

Russia is under Attack from the Atlanticists Image © The Radical Outlook By Alexander Dugin A year ago, in August ...
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“Counter-Initiation: Critical Remarks on Some Aspects of the Doctrine of René Guénon” (1998)

Originally published in the journal Mily Angel #3 – Konets Sveta (‘Sweet Angel: The End of the World’, Moscow: Arktogeia, 1998). Subsequently republished as ...
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