Crime And The Pandemic: 155 Years Ago, Dostoevsky Accurately Predicted Our Troubles

Crime And The Pandemic: 155 Years Ago, Dostoevsky Accurately Predicted Our Troubles

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This year we are celebrating significant dates – 200 years since birth and 140 years since the death of the great Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. Surprisingly, these round dates fell on 2021, when the whole world is in a state of unprecedented turbulence and increasing entropy. And all this was already in the books of Dostoevsky.

Fyodor Dostoevsky and the Russian Society Image © The Radical Outlook

By Valentin Katasonov

© Traslated and Published by RO

Fyodor Mikhailovich predicted similar unrest, chaos, and massacres in his novels The Idiot, Demons, Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov, and also in the Writer’s Diaries. What is, for example, the statement of one of the heroes of “Demons”:

And I would… ”cried Lyamshin,“ I would take these nine-tenths of humanity, if there’s nowhere to go with them, and blow them up into the air, and leave only a bunch of educated people…

Do we not understand that modern “demons” (the world behind the scenes) started the whole current “pandemic” and “vaccination” in order to send to the next world most of the world’s population, and leave one billion?

And here are the terrible prophetic words of Dostoevsky from his “Diary of a Writer” for 1877:

A terrible, colossal spontaneous revolution is foreseen, which will shake all the kingdoms of the world by changing the face of the whole world. But this will require a hundred million heads. The whole world will be flooded with rivers of blood.

All this was confirmed half a century later – just so many millions of human lives were paid for the world war of 1914-1918, civil wars and revolutions that swept across Europe and ended with the overthrow of monarchies in Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia. But even this, it seems, was only a rehearsal – so that in the more distant future it would be possible to implement the idea of ​​the “demons” to eliminate nine-tenths of the entire population of the planet. Is the current “Great Reset” proclaimed by Klaus Schwab, not a world revolution? Billions of heads will have to be thrown on her altar alone. In this case, the revolution will be “civilized”, without the shedding of rivers of blood, because instead of barbaric killings by bombs, shells, and bullets, one can organize “bloodless euthanasia” in the form of “

The “revelations” of the Grand Inquisitor from “The Brothers Karamazov” about how to arrange the “correct” future of mankind are amazingly relevant. The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” fades against the backdrop of such revelations. In about ten pages of the novel, we read the monologue of the Jesuit cardinal addressed to Christ, in which he outlines a plan for building a new world order without Christ:

But the herd will gather again and submit again, and once and for all. Then we will give them quiet, humble happiness, the happiness of weak beings, as they were created. Oh, we will finally convince them not to be proud, for You lifted them up and taught them to be proud; Let us prove to them that they are weak, that they are only miserable children, but that children’s happiness is sweeter than anything. They will become timid and will look at us and snuggle up to us in fear, like chicks to a mother hen. They will be amazed and horrified at us and will be proud that we are so powerful and so smart that we could pacify such a violent thousand-million-strong herd …

And here is another fragment of such “revelations”:

No science will give them bread as long as they remain free, but it ends up bringing their freedom at our feet and telling us: “Better enslave us, but feed us.”

If the Grand Inquisitor pronounced his sermons in 2020–2021, he probably would have said differently: “It is better to enslave us, but save us from COVID-19.” Rereading these pages of the novel, for some reason, I mentally compare that cardinal-inquisitor with the current president of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab. The “Great Reboot” of Schwab is very similar to the plan of the Grand Inquisitor. The Catholic cardinal from Dostoevsky’s novel and Klaus Schwab are among the forerunners of what we are accustomed to calling the “Antichrist.” Many of Dostoevsky’s works can be attributed to the genre of eschatology (religious teaching about the demise of the world and man).

Prophetic, directly related to the world events of 2020–2021. there is also the novel “Crime and Punishment” – especially the plot, which is usually called “the last dream of Rodion Raskolnikov.” Let me remind you that the novel describes a total of five dreams of the protagonist. Now we are talking about the last dream – in hard labor (Epilogue. Part II). Very obvious associations arise when reading this passage of no more than one page. It can be divided into several chunks.

Fragment One

He (Rodion Raskolnikov – V.K.) lay in the hospital for the entire end of Lent and the Holy One. Already recovering, he recalled his dreams when he was still lying in heat and delirium. In his illness, he dreamed that the whole world was condemned as a sacrifice to some terrible, unheard-of and unprecedented pestilence that was spreading from the depths of Asia to Europe. All were to perish, except a few, very few, a select few.

“Pestilence” is a coronavirus. “Coming from the depths of Asia to Europe” – from China (laboratories in Wuhan) to the rest of the world, including Russia. “Everyone should have perished, except for a few, very few, a select few” – the world media already in March last year spread the forecast of the English mathematician Neil Ferguson, whom someone should have called “an authoritative virologist.” According to his model, at least 80 percent of all living on the planet should become infected with the new virus, and if strict quarantine measures are not introduced, more than half a million people will die in the UK in a few weeks, and 2.2 million in the US.


All over the world, the coronavirus, according to Ferguson’s dark prophecies, in 2020 alone should have infected 7 billion people, and 40 million people should have died (more than soldiers during World War II). Many politicians took these assessments and began to disseminate them. So, German Chancellor Angela Merkel scared everyone last spring that 70% of the world’s population would be infected with the coronavirus. Moreover, first of all, the poor will become infected, whose life takes place in a crowd (public transport, markets and shops, work in premises with dozens and hundreds of other workers, etc.). The rich – “a very few, the chosen” – and before the viral panic were in their usual “self-isolation” – palaces and rich villas. Those, it seems to them, have every opportunity to avoid a terrible end. However,

Fragment Two

Some new trichines appeared, microscopic creatures that entered the bodies of people. But these creatures were spirits, endowed with intelligence and will. People who took them into themselves immediately became possessed and insane.

An amazing insight of the great Dostoevsky, who shows and suggests that the current epidemic is not so much a viral one as an information-terrorist and ultimately spiritual one. Can’t we see how people today fall under the hypnotic influence of the media, scaring people with the coronavirus pandemic, and how they end up becoming “possessed and crazy”? And these are not isolated cases, there are millions and millions of such people today. I will not go into historical excursions, but this has happened more than once. Below (in the third fragment) we read: “Whole villages, whole cities and peoples became infected and went mad.”

Fragment Three

But never, never did people consider themselves as smart and unshakable in the truth, as the infected thought. They have never considered their sentences, their scientific conclusions, their moral convictions and beliefs more unshakable. Whole villages, whole cities and peoples became infected and maddened. Everyone was in anxiety and did not understand each other, everyone thought that in him was the truth, and he suffered, looking at others, beat his chest, cried and wrung his hands. They did not know whom and how to judge, could not agree what to consider evil, what good. They did not know who to blame, whom to acquit.

Dostoevsky, through his hero Raskolnikov, shows that people become “possessed and crazy” for the reason that they think they are “smart”, and they become “smart” because they are convinced of the conclusions of science. So science has made them “smart and unwavering in truth.” Today’s millions and millions fully trust the findings of “science” and the conclusions of the World Health Organization (WHO).

But here’s what’s surprising. Despite the consecration of the viral “verdict” by science, Nobel laureates, UN and WHO officials, people still have a subconscious feeling that something is wrong. This doubt is especially amplified due to the fact that some cacophony is heard in the choir of scientists and officials. Every day news and expert opinions come in, which do not “fight” with each other and even mutually exclude each other. Many who firmly believed in “science” and trusted “scientific authorities” felt that the ground was slipping from under their feet.

It should be admitted that science, as an institution for learning the secrets of the world and comprehending the truths, has already ordered a long life. Today so-called science is at the service of moneybags. Once upon a time in the USSR, cybernetics, and genetics were called the “corrupt girl” of imperialism. Today all science has become a “corrupt girl”. On this topic, I wrote a book: “The False Prophets of the Last Times. Darwinism and Science as Religion” (Moscow: “Oxygen”, 2017).

Fragment four

People killed each other in some senseless rage. Whole armies gathered against each other, but the armies, already on the march, suddenly began to torment themselves, the ranks were upset, the soldiers rushed at each other, injected and cut, bit and ate each other.

Today we already have numerous examples of “senseless anger”, reaching if not to murder, then to assault. So, at the very beginning of the pandemic, in February 2020, a wave of protests swept across Ukraine. They were caused by the fact that the country’s authorities began to quarantine their own fellow citizens in some settlements, who were evacuated from China in connection with the coronavirus. It’s hard to believe, but other Ukrainians threw stones at buses with evacuated Ukrainians and blocked the roads with blocks.

And here are more recent examples. After in July 2021, the authorities of France and Greece announced the start of compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 for certain groups of the population, as well as the introduction of vaccine-proof “health passports”, without which it will be impossible to visit bars, restaurants and other public places, mass protests took place in the cities of these countries. The Greek rallies were relatively peaceful, but the French opponents of compulsory vaccination did not know the restraint – it came to injuries and arrests.

Fragment five

In the cities, the alarm was sounded all day: everyone was called, but who was calling and why, no one knew, and everyone was in alarm. They left the most ordinary crafts, because everyone offered their thoughts, their corrections, and could not agree; farming stopped.

A state of emergency is being declared in many countries. So, American President Donald Trump already on March 13, 2020 “sounded the alarm”, declaring a state of emergency in the United States in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus – in much the same way as the state of emergency in America was declared after the events of September 11, 2001 – to “fight with terrorism “. The “Great Reset” plan, announced last year by the President of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, suggests that a global emergency, preferably forever, is necessary to successfully combat the pandemic. I write about this in my book: “Reading Schwab. Inclusive Capitalism and the Great Reset. An Open Conspiracy Against Humanity” (Moscow: “Book World”, 2021).

Fragment six

In some places people ran into heaps, agreed to do something together, vowed not to part, but immediately they started something completely different than they themselves assumed, they began to accuse each other, fought and cut themselves.

From time to time people will come to their senses, realizing that it is necessary to stop the riot of the crowd, to stop the chaos. But they won’t succeed. As you can see from this passage, people will try to organize themselves. In recent years (even before the beginning of the current history of the coronavirus), most of such attempts (the creation of new political parties, movements, societies, unions, fronts, etc.) ended in failures. New movements and alliances are also likely to fail. And the matter may end not just with the collapse of these movements and alliances, but with the fact that former allies and like-minded people will begin to “accuse each other, fight and cut themselves.”

Fragment seventh

Fires started, hunger began. Everything and everything perished. The ulcer grew and moved on and on.

Logically, part of the fifth fragment adjoins this fragment: “We left the most ordinary crafts, because everyone offered their thoughts, their corrections, and could not agree; agriculture stopped.” It means that economic activity can be blocked. Some of this vision has already been practically realized. Last year, the world economy fell into a terrible hole. According to IMF estimates, in 2020, global GDP fell by 3.5%. The fall in GDP in the euro area was 7.2%. The strongest drop in 2020 was recorded in Italy – by 9.2%, France – by 9%. Germany’s GDP fell by 5.4% last year.

“Everything and everything perished.” These words can be understood as the destruction of national wealth, hunger, and the extinction of the planet. At the end of last year, the UN said that in 2021 the world’s population will face the worst crisis in 75 years caused by a pandemic – almost 270 million people were on the verge of starvation. This was announced by the director of the UN World Food Program David Beasley. The figure he named is twice the figures that were before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. David Beasley called the increasing levels of hunger in the world “the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War.” Obviously, the number of deaths from hunger will potentially be incomparably higher than the number of deaths from coronavirus.

People are beginning to die not only from COVID-19 but also for other reasons. In a sense, COVID-19 turns out to be a smokescreen covering a campaign to reduce the world’s population. Even according to WHO, over the past year, the excess mortality in the world (i.e., the increase in mortality compared to 2019), not associated with COVID-19, amounted to 3.0 million people against 1.8 million deaths from coronavirus. The situation is very similar in Russia. Back in March, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova noted a large scale of excess mortality, admitting that only 31% of it can be attributed to COVID-19.

“The ulcer grew and moved on and on” – these words from the fragment are confirmed by statistics. I will only note that as of August 20 of this year, the total number of infected people in the world was 210 million people (about 3% of the population). The daily increase in the number of infected per day is 160-260 thousand.


Fragment eighth

Only a few people could be saved all over the world, they were pure and chosen, destined to start a new kind of people and a new life, to renew and cleanse the earth, but no one saw these people anywhere, no one heard their words and voices.

It is clear that here, in an allegorical form, we are talking about the salvation of the human soul, about the acquisition by a few of Eternal Life, and not about banal salvation from viruses. As it is said in the Gospel of Luke: “God will not protect His elect, crying to Him day and night, although he hesitates to protect them // I tell you that he will give them protection soon. But the Son of Man, when he comes, will find faith on earth? ” (Luke 18: 7-8). Here and in many other places in the Holy Scriptures, there is a clear indication that only those few who will have immunity against that “unprecedented pestilence” can be saved. As the Scriptures say: “Many were created, but few will be saved” (3 Ezra 8: 3).

Raskolnikov’s dream can be perceived in two ways. And as a literal self-fulfilling prophecy of a coronavirus epidemic followed by quarantines and vaccinations. And as a parable that reveals the spiritual nature of the current viral bacchanalia. Let me remind you once again that in the novel about viruses that appeared in a dream, it is said: “But these creatures were spirits, gifted with mind and will.” The current COVID-19 viruses have struck people because they gave themselves over to the “spiritual viruses” much earlier – demons, the devil.

This spiritual virus – like the viruses of our physical world – is invisible. Many people don’t even believe in its existence. And this makes him especially dangerous. An ordinary virus deceives a living cell, infects it, begins to parasitize at the expense of it, and in the end kills this living cell. And it can kill the entire set of living cells, that is, the entire living being (including humans). Let me remind you of the words of the Savior, which he threw to the Pharisees: “Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfill the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and did not stand in the truth, for there is no truth in him. – a liar and the father of lies “(John 8:44). Both the physical virus and the spiritual virus act in the same way: first, they deceive their victim (the first is a cell, the second is a person), and then they kill.

Spiritual viruses are much scarier than the current virus called COVID-19. People who took such spiritual viruses into themselves, “immediately became possessed and mad.” And having become mad, “They killed each other in some senseless rage.” Do we not see that the vaccination campaign unfolding around the world is very similar to the same madness, which is accompanied by “senseless rage” and the killing of some people by others? Isn’t it obvious that behind all this is the devil, whose true name is “slanderer” and “divider”? If we can cope with spiritual viruses, “gifted with mind and will,” then COVID-19 will disappear by itself.

By the way, after all, even in hard labor, Rodion Raskolnikov did not greatly regret his murder and, in general, remained an atheist. But after this dream, he began to turn to God. Maybe the current pandemic and forced vaccination are God’s permission for people to turn to Him for help?

While finishing writing this article, I suddenly came across a fresh publication entitled “Vaccinated unvaccinated one does not reproach … About psychosis around vaccination.” The author is Protodeacon Vladimir Vasilik. The publication is very much in line with my conclusion that spiritual causes are at the heart of the current so-called pandemic. Here is an excerpt from it:

If we believe in the Providence of God, then we understand that such epidemics do not come so easily. It is no coincidence that in past centuries they were called “the visit of God for sins.” If we honestly look back at our past life, then we will lose the desire to pose the question: why did this fad come upon us? For a lot. For deliberate, proud pseudo-scientific atheism, for informational cynicism, for debauchery as a norm, for pride and anger, for social and biological racism, for greed and money-grubbing, for humiliation of labor and workers and, most importantly, for worshiping the golden calf. In short, for amartocracy (the rule of sin), for the destruction of the very concept of sin. And now they talk and argue about anything – whether masks and gloves will save us, whether vaccinations are beneficial and life-giving, etc. – about everything except the most important thing.

The more often we remember these root causes, the sooner such annoying concepts as “self-isolation”, “quarantines”, “masks” and “vaccinations” will disappear from our everyday life.


Valentin Katasonov is a Professor at the Department of International Finance, MGIMO

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