Dugin's Directive

The Treaty of Westphalia

Dugin Directive By Alexander Dugin© The Radical Outlook All who have studied, let the most superficial way, International Relations know ...
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The Pseudo-Religion of Oil and Gas

Dugin's Directive By Alexander Dugin Amid ongoing attacks on Nord Stream 2 and the advancement of the green agenda, gas ...
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Youtube Must be Destroyed

Dugin's Directive By Alexander Dugin© RO Youtube excelled again. This time he demolished the Russian television channel Russia Today in Germany ...
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Grand Duke's Wedding

Grand Duke's Wedding By Alexander Dugin The wedding in St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg of Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich ...
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Humanity was nearly erased

Dugin Directive By Alexander Dugin© Radical Outlook The global shutdown on Monday 4 October is a really big deal. In ...
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The Problem of "Nothing" in Philosophy

Dugin Directive Series By Alexander Dugin© RO and Geopolitica This article is devoted to the most important philosophical problem - ...
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The Crisis of Science: Does Atom Exist?

Dugin's Directive By Alexander Dugin©Radical Outlook The remarkable philosopher Edmund Husserl noted more than a hundred years ago that European sciences, ...
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The Fate of the Sixth Column: When Will it End?

Dugin's Directive By Alexander Dugin© Radical Outlook You've probably noticed that in Russia the campaign against the liberal fifth column ...
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Mali: The Fate of Great Africa

Dugin Directive Series By Alexander Dugin©The Radical Outlook September 22 is the Independence Day of the African state of Mali ...
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The Coup in Guinea Recalled: Russia is Returning to Africa

Dugin's Directive By Alexander Dugin© Radical Outlook A military coup has recently taken place in Guinea. And about him, as ...
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