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The Concept of Hybrid War: Origin, Application and Limitation

By Leonid Savin© RO For a competent understanding of the actions of the United States and NATO and the development ...
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Russia and Israel to continue talks on security in Middle East, says foreign minister

Sergey Lavrov noted that Russia supported direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians since it was the only way to achieve ...
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Joe Biden and the "Great Replacement" Theory

The worsening of the health pandemic motivated by the existence of significant unvaccinated population segments (51%) and the Great Replacement Theory would ...
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China- India contention in the Indian Ocean region (IOR)

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, with the significant geo-strategic enclosing land on three ...
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Bernard Levi's Imperial Dreams: Time has approached to accept Multipolarity

Globalist philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy reports that in the coming weeks the French President and his Italian counterpart will announce a ...
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A secret agreement between Biden and Putin to implement the G2?

the Russian-German coalition of interests devised the Nord Stream project that connects Russia with Germany through the Baltic Sea, with ...
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EU drowned in the Indo Pacific

Taking into account the EU's previous experience with multilateral agreements, it is likely that there will be an emphasis on ...
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Boris Jhonson and the "arc of nuclear crisis" against China

The strategic agreement between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States known as AUKUS would symbolize a change in ...
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BRI and Its Impacts on Afghanistan Economy

At present, China seems to be the one core state that is seriously struggling to engage with the Taliban government ...
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Transhumanism and Gender Identity: two sides of the Same Coin

Transhumanism Project Image © The Radical Outlook By Maria del Pilar Soler Gordils© The Radical Outlook In a person's life, ...
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