Fourth Political Theory

The Non- Materialists

By Alexander Dugin Translated by RO In our society, there is a significant oppressed, deprived of all rights, continuously humiliated ...
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World War III!

Dugin Guidelines By Alexander Dugin© RO Greetings, you are watching Dugin's Guideline. As we have said many times, the main aspect ...
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Re-examining the Study of History: from prejudice to relegation (Part-I)

Reviewing the famous book of Sebastian Conrad Conrad, S. (2017). What is global history? The Battle For Global History Image ...
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Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin – Nexus Symposium 21 September 2019, Amsterdam

The End of Empire and 5 kings On 21 September 2019, the Nexus Institute — one of the most prestigious ...
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Understanding Bare Life

By Alexander Dugin Survival is the most important concept of Spinoza. For him, it is associated with duration and life, ...
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"Who I am?" The metaphysical anthropology of Yuri Mamleev

By Rosa Semikina Yuri Mamleev is a prominent figure in Russian literature that many consider to be something of a ...
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By Leonid Savin Leonid Savin. Ordo Pluriversalis: The End of Pax Americana and the Rise of Multipolarity. Translatedby Jafe Arnold ...
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Russian Return to the Middle East

Today it is common wisdom to claim that Russia is returning to the Middle East. Some regard it with hate, ...
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Russian Response to the "Crown": Radicalism Versus Conventionality

The counted and chipped Russianness is a dead Russianness. The war in which we are all involved today is not medical, ...
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Dugin for dummies

By Dr. Michael Millerman Michael Millerman on Alexander Dugin, Leo Strauss, Martin Heidegger - Jack Murphy Live Podcast THE FOURTH ...
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